Frequently Asked Questions About Food Certification Training Programs in Maryland

Why do I have to get certified?

In Maryland, a certified Maryland Food Service Manager is required to be on-site during all hours of operation in facilities where food preparation and handling take place. If you own or operate a food facility, it is your responsibility to ensure that a sufficient number of your staff is certified. An educated food handler is a safe, competent food handler.

How do I register?

Call (301) 580-4798 and ask for a registration form. You will be emailed or faxed a registration form. Complete the enclosed registration form. Select the course from the certification schedule provided.

How long is the Maryland Food Service Manager certification effective?

The certificate is valid for three years.

When will I get my test results?

The test results should be mailed to your home address in approximately 4-6 weeks. If your results are not received in that period of time direct all questions to: (301) 580-4798.

What if I don’t pass the Maryland Food Service Manager exam?

Three options exist should you fail to pass the exam:

1. Register again (at cost to you) for the 2-day certification course and examination.
2. *Register (at cost to you) for the 1-day re-certification course and examination.
3. *Study and register (at cost to you) to challenge the exam.

Note*: Should you fail a second time, you are obligated to register for the 2-day certification course.

What should I do if I lose my certificate or wallet card?

Call the Food Service Managers Training Program at (301) 580-4798. There is a nominal fee to replace wallet cards or certificates.

What if I Need To Reschedule?

If you have already paid and need to reschedule to another class, contact the Maryland Food Service Manager Program at (301) 580-4798. Rescheduling is permissible only once within the six month period from your initial enrollment date. Should you fail to reschedule within that six month period or need to reschedule a second time, you will be required to pay another registration fee.

Which Maryland Food Service Manager are acceptable?

All county Health Department recognizes the following services that provide Food Service Manager examinations (for three years):

* Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association (ServSafe)
* The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
* Experior Testing
* Prometric Testing

Contact the Maryland Food Service Manager at (301) 580-4798 with any additional questions.

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Maryland Health Department Requirements for Certified Food Service Managers

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