Baltimore County

Requirements Summary:

Jurisdiction Maryland- Baltimore County

Servsafe approval Yes (Online Course, online exam with a registered proctor )

Certification Fee $30

Instructor Requirements All trainers must be certified FSM’s. Additionally, program and trainer must be approved by the Interjurisdictional Food Service Manager Program Committee.

Code requirement Each facility must have one certified employee. After certification examination is completed a local certification must be obtainied from the health department.

Hours of Instruction 16 hours (must also pass an approved exam)

Certification Renewal Every 3 years take an approved 8 hour course (SSF Review Course accepted). Show proof of continuing education along with application for consideration.

Miscellaneous Call (301) 580-4798 for information about certification training and exams.

Requirements Details:

Food Manager Certification:

  • One certified person per facility is required.
  • Certificate with picture of Food Service Manger (FSM) must be posted at all times in facility.
  • Licensed facility will be billed every 3 years for certification fee.
  • If facility loses FSM before the 3 year term, certification fee will be waived. However, a processing fee will be charged.
  • Facilitites will be given one 90 day interim to replace FSM per billing cycle; in cases where facilities keep losing or firing their FSMs. After the first 90 day interim has expired, each facility must hire a FSM immediately upon departure of the previous FSM.
  • Certificate is issued in the name of approved FSM, but for that facility only.
  • Approval of trainers or training programs offering the basic food service sanitation course will be accomplished through the Interjurisdictional Food Service Manager Program Committee (IFSMPC).
  • Only those training providers who are approved by IFSMPC will be accepted by the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD).

The minimum requirement for consideration for certification is:

  • 16 hours of training by an approved training provider; and
  • Satisfactory passage of an approved standardized examination supervised by the training provider (approved by IFSMPC).

Once applicant has taken training and passed the test, they must submit the following to BCHD in order to be considered for certification:

  • Proof of training
  • Proof of examination/results
  • Two passport type photos (1 for file, 1 for posting on certificate)
  • Completed application form

The minimum training renewal requirement (every 3 years) is 8 hours. Proof of continuing education along with application form is required for consideration.

  • If previously certified, approved training must show on IFSMPC list, or seek approval of Reciprocity Committee of the IFSMPC.
  • If training is not on IFSMPC list, or is not approved by Reciprocity Committee, applicant must go through approved training.


  • Application Fee: $30.00
  • Processing Fee: $10.00
  • Late Fee $10.00/Month

For More Information on the Food Service Manager Program contact:

Food Service Manager (FSM) Training
Office: (301) 580-4798
Toll Free:  1-877-216-3869

Baltimore County Health Department Location

Baltimore City Health Department
1001 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 396-4398

Alcohol Certification (TIPs)

The State of Maryland requires that all liquor licensees, or a designated employee, successfully complete an approved alcohol awareness training program every four (4) years. However, policies differ from county to county as to whether or not the certified individual needs to be on the premises during the hours in which alcohol is sold. For more information, call (301) 580-4798.

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